Employers in Leeds, Bristol and Guildford facing the challenge of understanding a new working generation are invited to our workshops in December, where you can find out more about the learning and development strategies needed when employing a younger workforce.

As more baby boomers head towards retirement, the millennial workforce is increasing and their impact cannot be undervalued. It is estimated that this influx of younger workers will make up 50% of the working population by 2020. As multiple generations attempt to co-exist in the same workspaces, managers face the challenge of understanding and successfully developing a new generation which seems, or is purported to be, very different from those who have gone before them.

The purpose of these workshops is to understand exactly how millennial attitudes to work differ from their Generation X and baby boomer counterparts. Are these working attitudes and ensuing behaviours significantly contrasting generationally? The ‘radical’ changes within this incoming generation have been widely touted, but could certain millennial labels be purely conjecture? We will also begin to suggest strategies for resolving the generational ‘behaviours gap’ through a clearer understanding of cross-generational motivators, and the changing context around existing models of employment across the ages.

Ultimately these workshops will review both the empirical and anecdotal evidence on generational differences in work values to give managers and other leaders a clearer picture of how to recruit, retain, and motivate the members of today’s multigenerational workplace.

The workshops will be free to attend. For more information or to request a place, please email alice.burks@adaptis.co.uk.